Commercial and Civil Litigation

The firm’s commercial and civil litigation team has succeeded in attracting some of the largest companies in Israel by providing them with sound, considered business advice within the scope of a full service litigation firm. The firm prides itself on its high rate of success through creative analysis, decisive action and thorough understanding of both the law and our client’s needs.

In addition to litigation services, the firm’s partners seek to become involved in the earliest stages of a dispute with a view to finding alternative strategies to the simple but painful path of litigation. While we do not shy away from litigation, our team believes that often the preferable course for all parties to a dispute can be found elsewhere. This philosophy is perhaps the main reason why so much of the firm’s work in this area comes from referrals from other lawyers who respect our approach and results.

The firm specializes in a wide range of fields, including corporate disputes, bids and tenders, class action suits, banking and securities, environmental and public law. Specifically, the firm has extensive experience in representing international clients as both plaintiffs and defendants in all areas of commercial and corporate litigation.