Arbitration and Mediation

In response to often costly and time-consuming traditional means of dispute resolution, the legal profession and its clients have made increasing use of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR). We believe that the ability to maintain confidentiality and allow for flexibility of procedure provide key building blocks to allow for successful resolution of disputes and the job of legal counsel is to be able to use these tools to maximum effect for the benefit of its clients and the ultimate resolution of the dispute in question.

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution practice provides a wide range of services in all formats, including mediation, arbitration and other forums other the framework of the courts. Our partners have decades of experience in handling complex and delicate proceedings before mediators and arbitrators.

Our practice in this area is significantly enhanced by the fact that some of our senior partners are experienced practicing arbitrators and mediators in their own right, and thus are intimately familiar with the needs of the parties to find solutions to their disputes which are both cost and time efficient while at the same time transparent and fair to all sides.