Naomi Vestfrid



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Naomi Vestfrid, Adv. specializes in administrative law, tenders and NPOs. She works with public and private entities in all areas of administrative law, including administrative litigation in Administrative Courts and the Supreme Court. Ms. Vestfrid assists clients with tenders, from the earliest stages of drafting the tender, through advice to the tender committee at all stages of tender administration, selection of the winning bid and up to and including the contractual stage.
Ms. Vestfrid also accompanies NPOs in a variety of areas, advising them on ongoing activity, assisting with management of their affairs vis-à-vis the Registrar of “Amutot” (Non-Profit Organizations) and other government authorities, as well as receipt of State grants.
Another area of expertise has been the representation of many media organizations and journalists, including precedential High Court appeals regarding freedom of the press in Israel.
Ms. Vestfrid has also participated in the drafting of a variety of laws and amendments to laws, including presenting her clients’ positions before different Knesset committees.
Among her clients to date are: local authorities; statutory authorities and government ministries; government companies; institutes of higher education; NPOs in cultural fields; professional NPOs; and many others.

Education: LLB + BA in Political Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2005) LLM with specializing in public law from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2009)

Admitted: June 2006

Languages: Hebrew and English